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About us

WELCOME to summerhome

Leave the city behind to explore the great outdoors at rocky seashore of Vidzeme.

1-About us

The connectivity

With excellent road, rail and bus links, our location provide a perfect base for exploring the Vidzeme Seaside and Gauja National Park, as well as cozy stop over on transit to neighboring country Estonia.

To reach the seaside will take you 7 minutes drive, 15 minutes cycle or 30 minutes leisurely walk. The same for supermarket. Those, who like fresh, organic food from local farmers and artisan craft work are welcome to visit our local goods market on each Saturday from 7-12 a.m in the village centre. It takes only 10 minutes by foot.

2-About us

The neighbourhood

Whether you would prefer to relax in your tiny home or outdoors to see the day to day running of rural life or explore the local area, pick berries and mushrooms in the woods or fish in the river, listen and watch different birds, go for sunbath at the seaside or observe beautiful sunsets at the seaside, there is ample for you to do whilst on your stay.

Knowing your points & areas of interest, we will provide you with brochures and give useful hints of where to go and what to do in our area and neighborhood.



3 – How it started

The history

What we had

Back in 2004 when we bought our first house we did not realize that we are buying two properties instead of one. The second came as bonus. It was an overgrown plot of land right next to river and looked like nobody’s land. River was hard to see, one could only hear the friendly babbling. To get to the river through these jungles we literary had to use the machete.

The very beginning

After several years spent in different countries we finally decided to come home and have some fun by taking care of our property. It took us one summer and 5 big sack bags to clean the riverside plot from fallen trees, stumps, bushes and lots of soviet time leftovers – bottles, tin cans, old tires, metal wires, rubber toys, car parts, broken dishes, and even animal bones.

The idea

The first idea was just to create a place for family and friends for summer solstice celebrations. The second idea came in 2013 at the “House & Garden” exhibition when one bankrupt manufacturer offered a “one of those lifetime deals” which must be decided within minutes so we got a Lego type sets of wood boards without any drawing and assembly instructions.

The result

Returned back in Latvia we somehow missed the international environment around us, therefore, we decided to create the place to invite travelers from all over the world to come to visit us. We spent another long summer by putting together our Lego houses and named the place SUMMERHOME. Tired but happy we welcomed our first guests on Saturday, July 12, 2014.

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